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The web links in this directory are public information provided to the Foundation and the acknowledgement times listed are the number of days or hours for a company to acknowledge receipt of request, not to make a decision. Data contained in this directory is provided either directly by the company or by for the companies listed in this directory.

The Expanded Access listings provided on this website are limited to those companies currently in the Company Directory and include listings for expanded access which are Available, Temporarily Not Available and Approved for Marketing, which in some cases includes treatments which have not yet reached the market. In addition, many companies are willing to consider expanded access requests even if they do not show active Expanded Access Listings in this directory. Contact the company to explore the possibility of individual access to an investigational therapy.

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Company Name
Phone Number & Email
Company Acknowledgement

MacroGenics, Inc.

Expected Application Timeframe
24 hours
HER2-positive Breast Cancer
HER2-positive Carcinoma

The purpose of the Expanded Access program is to provide margetuximab to patients with pretreated HER2+ breast cancer for whom potential benefit justifies potential treatment risks.

Single-Patient EA Policies/Criteria

MacroGenics designs its clinical studies for development of new potential therapies to determine the safety and efficacy for medical use consistent with approval requirements of the US FDA and similar regulatory authorities in other countries. Treating physicians should consider approved therapies for a patient’s disease as well as on-going clinical studies before seeking expanded access use with an investigational agent. However, MacroGenics may, on a case-by-case basis, consider requests by treating physicians to file an investigational new drug application for expanded access to MacroGenics investigational products in Phase 2 or Phase 3 of development and for MacroGenics to supply such investigational product. There is no guarantee of expanded access to an investigational product.

Available Therapies via Single-Patient EA

MacroGenics currently has an Expanded Access program open for margetuximab for patients with pretreated HER2+ breast cancer for whom potential benefit justifies potential treatment risks.

Meissa Vaccines Inc

Phone Number & Email
Expected Application Timeframe
Single-Patient EA Policies/Criteria

Meissa Vaccines Inc. is developing an investigational vaccine MV-012-968 designed to prevent disease caused by respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) and the vaccine is in very early stages of clinical development.
Since at this time there is insufficient safety and efficacy data to determine the risk:benefit profile of the vaccine, and the vaccine is designed for prophylactic not treatment use, Meissa Vaccines Inc. ( has chosen not to offer Expanded Access (EA) to MV-012-968, and will not accept EA requests. MV-012-968 will only be provided in the course of ongoing clinical trials.
Meissa Vaccines Inc. Expanded Access Policy, Rev. December 27, 2019.

Melinta Therapeutics, Inc.

Phone Number & Email
Expected Application Timeframe
3 business days
Single-Patient EA Policies/Criteria

Consistent with Melinta Therapeutics’s mission to discover, develop, and commercialize a continual stream of novel antibiotics, we are focused on enrolling and conducting the clinical trials necessary to gain regulatory approvals and promptly make our medicines available to patients.  At Melinta Therapeutics, we believe that wherever possible, the use of an investigational medicine for a patient as part of a clinical trial is preferable; however, when patients with an unmet medical need are unable to access our investigational products through a clinical trial and all other options have been exhausted, we may be able to provide access through our compassionate use or expanded access program.

The evaluation criteria to determine if Melinta Therapeutics can provide expanded access to a specific Melinta Therapeutics investigational agent outside of a clinical trial include all of the following:
•    The patient has a serious or life-threatening illness or condition and is either no longer responsive to or no longer able to tolerate any available treatment option;
•    The investigational drug is in active clinical development with sufficient data available to determine an appropriate dose and schedule for the patient’s specific condition;
•    A benefit-risk analysis, based on both the available clinical data as well as the requesting physician’s assessment of the individual patient’s condition and history, supports making the investigational drug available;
•    Access is compliant with local rules and laws;
•    Making the investigational drug available will not negatively impact or delay the conduct of clinical trials or regulatory review or approval of the investigational drug for broader patient access; and
•    Adequate supply of the investigational drug is available.

All requests must be submitted by the patient’s treating physician and Melinta Therapeutics may require more detailed information in order to fully evaluate a request. The treating physician must agree to obtain appropriate regulatory and ethics committee approvals and comply with regulatory obligations, including obtaining patient consent, patient monitoring and safety reporting. Treating physicians seeking expanded access, meeting the above-mentioned evaluation criteria, should submit their requests to We regularly monitor this mailbox and will use our best efforts to acknowledge each submitted request within 3 business days after receipt. Melinta Therapeutics is committed to carefully evaluating requests on a case-by-case basis and in a fair and equitable manner; however, Melinta Therapeutics cannot guarantee access to any specific investigational drug by any individual patient.

If you are a patient with questions concerning access to our investigational products, either through a clinical trial or through expanded access, please consult with your treating physician.

Merck & Co.

Phone Number & Email
Expected Application Timeframe
HIV Infections

This is a treatment use study to provide early access to MK0518 for the treatment of HIV-1 infection in patients who have limited or no treatment options due to virological failure, resistance, or intolerance to multiple antiretroviral regimens. Enrollment in this study is patient driven. Investigators are not proactively assigned. There is no target sample size and duration of the study is indefinite. For information on how to enroll in the study, see link below.


The purpose of this study is to provide posaconazole compassionate treatment to patients with invasive fungal infections: 1) which are resistant to standard antifungal therapies; 2) for which there are no effective therapies; 3) with a prior history of serious, severe, or life-threatening toxicities while receiving standard antifungal therapies, or 4) with pre-existing organ dysfunction which precludes the use of standard antifungal therapies.

Merus NV

Expected Application Timeframe
5 business days
Single-Patient EA Policies/Criteria

Criteria for Evaluation

Merus considers many factors when evaluating a request for early access of an investigational medicine, such as (but not limited to) the strength of the currently available data, including clinical data together with patient condition and the benefit-risk profile, the impact of providing access to an investigational medicine on its clinical development program, including the ability to complete patient enrollment and other necessary aspects of the clinical trials, the phase of development, and probability and timing of regulatory approval.

A patient may be considered for early access to an investigational medicine based upon evaluation of the following minimum requirements (and other requirements may apply based on the circumstances):

*There must be adequate data supporting use of the investigational medication in the treatment of the patient’s disease.
*There are no adequate standard or investigational therapies available.
*Sufficient safety and efficacy data must exist for use of the medicine at the time of request.
*Sufficient information must be made available to make a benefit-risk analysis consistent with the establishment of an early access program.
*Sufficient clinical data is available to identify an appropriate patient-specific dose.
*A patient’s treating physician and Merus’ clinical team both believe there is the potential for the specific patient under consideration to reasonably expect benefit from the treatment.
*Adequate supply exists to support both the ongoing clinical trials and approved early access, until and if a product becomes commercially available.
*The patient is not eligible for or cannot participate in a Merus-sponsored study for the therapy being requested.
*Early access will not adversely impact the clinical development program or the regulatory approval process.
*The request must be made, unsolicited, by the patient’s treating physician. The physician must be appropriately licensed.
*The treating physician must also agree to comply with the safety and monitoring requirements.
*Where appropriate, demonstration of efficacy and safety may be required for continued treatment.
*Early access is permitted or approved in the country, region, and/or state where the investigational medicine will be administered.
*Any condition, in addition to those listed above, that in the opinion of Merus may preclude appropriate use of the investigational medicine, will be considered.
Given the unique nature of individual requests for early access to investigational medications, there is no guarantee a request will be fulfilled.

Merus may revise, suspend or terminate the early access program at any time.

All early access requires approval by the Chief Medical Officer and Merus management and decisions will be made based on scientific and other evidence available to Merus at the time of the request.

Available Therapies via Single-Patient EA

MCLA-128 is available for patients with solid tumors that harbor an NRG1 fusion

Disease/Category-Specific EA Policies/Criteria


Single-Patient EA Policies/Criteria

At this time, Metacrine believes access to its products should be limited to clinical trials and does not offer an expanded access program or accept expanded access requests.

MetVital, Inc.

Phone Number & Email
Expected Application Timeframe
72 hours after receipt of a written request
Single-Patient EA Policies/Criteria

Met Vital, Inc. will consider providing pre-approval access to our investigational drug, outside of the clinical trial setting, when certain conditions are met. These conditions are as follows:
• The patient to be treated has a serious or immediately life-threatening illness and there is no satisfactory alternative therapy.
• The patient is not eligible for, or cannot access, any ongoing clinical trials.
• The potential benefit of the investigational medicine to the patient, outweighs the potential risk. This should be evaluated by your physician and discussed in detail with the patient.
• There is an adequate supply of the investigational drug, meaning that MetVital, Inc has surplus investigational drug over and above what is required for the ongoing clinical trial.
• Providing the investigational drug will not interfere with the clinical trial that could support a marketing approval.

Requests for our investigational drug must come from a patient’s treating physician. The requesting physician must be willing to work on designing a treatment protocol and obtain the appropriate regulatory and ethics committee approvals from their Institutional Review Board (IRB). MetVital, Inc will not be responsible for the physician gaining IRB approval. The physician must also comply with various regulatory obligations, including obtaining patient consent, patient monitoring and safety reporting.

Available Therapies via Single-Patient EA

Anhydrous enol-oxaloacetate for newly diagnosed Glioblastoma multiforme

Disease/Category-Specific EA Policies/Criteria

Millendo Therapeutics (US), Inc.

Expected Application Timeframe
15 days
Available Therapies via Single-Patient EA

Currently, none.

Minoryx Therapeutics

Expected Application Timeframe
5 business days
Single-Patient EA Policies/Criteria

Minoryx is a clinical stage biotech company committed to the development of safe and effective novel therapies for severe and life-threatening orphan CNS diseases with high unmet medical needs. We are a science-driven company committed to putting patients first. Our goal is to provide access to our investigational therapies at the appropriate time and in the correct manner for patients.
Clinical trials and the subsequent timely generation of safety and efficacy data are the most effective way of ensuring review and decision making by Regulatory Authorities. This ultimately has resulted in access to new, safe and effective approved medicines for patients.
Expanded access refers to the use of an investigational therapy outside a clinical trial when the primary purpose is to diagnose, prevent, or treat a serious condition in a patient. We understand the need for expanded access programs, and we recognize the importance of having an appropriate policy.

Disease/Category-Specific EA Policies/Criteria

FDA Orphan indication was granted for the company’s lead program, leriglitazone (MIN-102), a novel, selective peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor gamma (PPARγ) agonist, for the treatment of X-ALD. On 4 April 2018, Minoryx opened the IND for leriglitazone (company code MIN-102) with a double-blind, randomized, placebo-controlled study to assess the effect of leriglitazone on the clinical progression in male patients with Adrenomyeloneuropathy (AMN). Recently, the FDA granted Fast Track Status to leriglitazone for development in patients with X-ALD.
An Early Access program for leriglitazone may be opened if Minoryx determines that all the following criteria are met:
• The investigational drug is the subject of an active clinical development program and is not approved in any indication in the country concerned
• An adequate supply of the investigational drug exists to perform necessary clinical studies as well as to provide Early Access to patients who do not have alternative treatment options
• Early Access does not impede or compromise the clinical development or regulatory approval of the drug under investigation
• There are sufficient clinical data available with respect to both the investigational drug and the disease condition for which the application is being sought, to anticipate that any potential benefits from treatment are likely to outweigh any potential risks to the patient
At this time, Minoryx believes that participation in one of our clinical trials is the most appropriate way to access our investigational therapies. Minoryx continues to assess the eligibility requirements and criteria for Early Access to the investigational drug leriglitazone and will re-evaluate this policy from time to time.
If you have additional questions, please speak with your physician or contact We anticipate acknowledging receipt of requests sent to this email within five business days.

Minovia Therapeutics

Phone Number & Email
Expected Application Timeframe
5 business days
Single-Patient EA Policies/Criteria

Minovia will make every attempt to respond to EAP request as soon as possible. An acknowledgement of receipt of request will be made within one week. Responses as to relevance of patient for EAP treatment may vary, based on the nature of the request and details of rationale for patient not being eligible for the currently open clinical trial.
Written requests from the patient’s healthcare provider should be submitted by email. All requests will remain confidential.

Disease/Category-Specific EA Policies/Criteria

Patients will be considered for EAP if they are not eligible for the currently open clinical trial of MNV-BM-BLD, carry a mitochondrial DNA deletion, and the mother is not a carrier of this deletion. Patient ineligibility for the open clinical trial may be due to their not meeting all inclusion/exclusion criteria (eg patient is below minimum age) or having a mitochondrial deletion syndrome other than Pearson Syndrome. 
Healthcare providers interested in information about the MNV-BM-BLD product for their patients can contact Minovia to request expanded access at

Mirati Therapeutics

Expected Application Timeframe
1 business day
Single-Patient EA Policies/Criteria

Single-Patient Expanded Access Policies and Criteria - Mirati does not currently provide access to its investigational medicines outside of enrollment in clinical trials. Patients and Physicians seeking general information may contact Early Access Care by emailing or by contacting the Mirati Call Center 1-475-522-2200.


Expected Application Timeframe
5 business days
Single-Patient EA Policies/Criteria

Momenta is committed to developing safe and effective medicines to treat rare immune-mediated diseases with high unmet medical needs. Our goal is to ensure access to our investigational drug, at the appropriate time and in a clinically appropriate manner for patients.

Momenta’s Early/Expanded Access Policy (EAP) refers to the use of an investigational drug outside of a clinical trial. This is initiated when the primary purpose is to diagnose, prevent, or treat a serious condition in a patient, which is different from a clinical trial where more comprehensive safety and efficacy data are collected. At Momenta, we recognize and understand the need for an early/expanded access policy.

A number of factors consistent with the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and other regulatory agencies' guidelines should be taken into account when considering this kind of access.

Momenta’s Key Eligibility Requirements
To be eligible to access Momenta's investigational drugs under the EAP, participants must meet certain requirements, including, but not limited to:
- The illness must be serious or life-threating, with no other satisfactory treatment options (such as approved products or enrolling clinical trials)
- There is sufficient evidence that the potential benefit to the patient would likely outweigh the potential risks, based on all available safety and efficacy information
- Providing the investigational drug will not interfere with clinical trials that could support the investigational drug's development or marketing approval for the treatment indication

At this time, Momenta believes that participation in one of our clinical trials is the most appropriate way to access our investigational drugs. We do not currently provide our investigational drugs for use through expanded access.


Expected Application Timeframe
2-3 business days

Expanded Access Program (EAP) to provide Tafasitamab (MOR208) to eligible patients with relapsed or refractory Diffuse Large B Cell Lymphoma. Access to MorphoSys´ EAP can be requested by contacting the respective CRO Clinigen (

Single-Patient EA Policies/Criteria

If you are a patient and interested in obtaining access to an investigational medicinal product, you should discuss available options with your treating physician. If a MorphoSys clinical trial may be a good treatment option for you, we recommend that your treating physician contacts us on your behalf via the contact information provided in (search for Tafasitamab).

If you are not eligible for a clinical trial that is currently active, or if no appropriate clinical trials exist, please contact your treating physician to determine if an EAP may be the best or only treatment option for you. Your physician will find details on the EAP at with the identifier NCT04300803.

Treating physicians should use the following contact ( to receive the necessary request form, eligibility criteria and instructions for the EAP process. Receipt of requests will be acknowledged within two business days of receipt, approval or denial will usually be finalized within 2-3 business days. Before treatment can be started, the treating physician has to obtain IRB review.

MorphoSys is committed to a fair and impartial evaluation of each request for access to our EAP. Therefore, all decisions are based solely on clinical evidence and guided by the principles outlined below and by eligibility criteria for the EAP. In addition, MorphoSys intends to work in cooperation with local health authorities for the provision of an EAP.

Available Therapies via Single-Patient EA


Tafasitamab is used in combination with lenalidomide for the treatment of adult patients with relapse or refractory diffuse large B cell lymphoma (R/R DLBCL)