Official Title
Effectiveness of Ivermectin as add-on Therapy in COVID-19 Management (An Externally Controlled Pilot Trial)
Brief Summary

Comparing the effectiveness of Ivermectin( IVM) +Hydroxychloroquin + azithromycin (AZT) group to Hydroxychloroquin (HCQ) + azithromycin (AZT)

Detailed Description

Comparing effectiveness of single dose 0.2mg/kg Ivermectin (IVM) plus hydroxychloroquine
(HCQ) 400mg BID in first day then 200mg BID for 5 days plus azithromycin (AZT) 500mg in first
day then 250mg for 5 days.

The comparison group was a historical control population and data collected from the current
study were compared to that historical control population


Drug: Ivermectin (IVM)

Ivermectin 0.2 mg /kg (single dose at once =2 tablets of 6mg/weekly
Other Name: Ivermectin

Eligibility Criteria

Inclusion Criteria:

-1. Patients with age above 18 years and any gender with definite Dx of covid19 and
pneumonia in the ward according to the clinical, laboratory, and imaging criteria.

2. Understands and agrees to comply with planned study procedures.

Exclusion Criteria:

1. Patients with hypersensitivity or severe adverse effects to Ivermectin

2. Renal impairment

3. Hepatic impairment.

4. Pregnancy or a desire to become pregnant (drug considered pregnancy category c)

5. Breast feeding.

6. Patient with covid 19 positive and mild no pneumonia

7. Children under the age of five or those who weigh less than 15 kilograms

Eligibility Gender
Eligibility Age
Minimum: 18 Years ~ Maximum: N/A

General Directorate of Medical City
Bagdad, Baghdad, Iraq

University of Baghdad
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